Humble Series | 60mL

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Flavor/Nicotine Level 3mg 6mg
Banana Bread
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Blue Raspberry
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Blue Raspberry Menthol
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Creamy Crunch

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Kiwi Berry Citrus
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Mango Passionfruit
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Strawberry Banana
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Sweet Citrus
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Toffee Vanilla Custard
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Vanilla Almond Tobacco
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Humble Juice Co. is a top selling Gourmet Premium E-Liquid Manufacturer based out of California. Humble uses only the highest quality ingredients to create finely crafted e-juices to fit every flavor profile.

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Banana Bread – Banana Bread
Blue Raspberry – Blue Raspberry
Blue Raspberry Menthol – Blue Raspberry | Menthol
Creamy Crunch – Milk | Oats | Honey
Kiwi Berry Citrus – Kiwi | Berries | Citrus
Mango Passionfruit – Mango | Passionfruit
Strawberry Banana – Strawberry | Banana
Toffee Vanilla Custard – Toffee | Vanilla Custard
Vanilla Almond Tobacco – Vanilla | Almond | Tobacco
Watermelon – Watermelon
• Sweet Citrus – Citrus | Sorbet (NEW)

Bottle Size – 60mL Unicorn Bottle
VG/PG Ratio – 80VG/20PG
Available Nicotine – 3mg | 6mg


Humble Juice Co.

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