Hohm Tech Hohm School Uno 2A Charger

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Hohm School Uno 2A Charger
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    Simplicity in a single-slot form. We present Hohm SCHOOLUNO. It combines the charging capability of its bigger brother Hohm SCHOOL2 but combines that power into 1 single slot. That is 2000mA (2A output) of single-cell charging speed. We did not go with 3A as this often accelerates cell degradation and reduces cycle life. 2A charging is a speedy yet conscientious charging speed for today’s lithium-ion cells. There is no need for a screen on this charger. It is 100% autonomous. It is equipped with the IPR System1, which automates the step-up/down output to match the power adapter that supplies the power. Whether you use an older 0.5A or a newer 2A (or greater) power supply/adapter, the Hohm SCHOOLUNO will do a proper job. Even li-ion batteries with or without PCB/PCM2 are easily balanced to the correct voltage. This ensures today’s small li-ion batteries’ chemistry integrity is not compromised, allowing them to get the cycle life they deserve.
    Applying forward-thinking to safety & performance, we integrated input power regulation. This is safety 101 here. This allows the charger to not stress or damage USB adapters no matter which power supply is used. The fact is simple: today’s li-ion batteries need precise voltage and amperage delivery to ensure long reliable performance & life…Say hello to Hohm SCHOOLUNO, the smarter single-slot charger.
  • IPR System Integrated: YES
  • PCB/PCM Compatible: YES
  • Low Voltage Activation: YES
  • USB Input Power Regulator: Automated
  • Charge Rate: 2A (Power Adapter dependent)
  • Battery Size Compatibility: ALL up to 71mm
  • Compatible Chemistry: Li-ion (3.6V / 3.7V)
  • IPR System – no more stressing USB power adapters or ports
  • Low-Voltage Activation – If a cell has low voltage and is not charging on other chargers, let this charger go to work for you.
  • Compatible with ALL li-ion cells from as short as 30mm to as long as 71mm
  • LED indicator that reports color and blink variation for quick/easy readout
  • PCB/PCM3 compatible so even protected cells aren’t left out in the cold
  • Protection 101: A] Short circuit; B] PCB overheat C] Reverse polarity; D] Over-charge prevention
  • One Hohm Tech Hohm School Uno 2A Charger
  • USB Power Cord
  • Manual


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Hohm School Uno 2A Charger

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