Galaxy Treats Blast Bars HHC Disposables 2mL | 2-Gram

Cosmic Cherry
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Galactic Grape
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Lunar Lemon
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Planet Blue
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Galaxy Treats Blast HHC Disposables 2mL | 2-Gram

Come grab your Galaxy Treats Blast Bars HHC with four new flavors and with one of the Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid of your to choice from. Blast some flavorful clouds out of this galaxy.


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Galaxy Treats Blast Bars THC-O Disposables 2mL


  • Cosmic Cherry – Cherry
  • Galactic Grape – Grape
  • Lunar Lemon – Lemon
  • Gravity Melon – Melon


Galaxy Treats HHC Blast Bars
  • Planet Blue (Sativa)
  • Cosmic Cherry (Indica)
  • Galactic Grape (Hybrid)
  • Lunar Lemon (Sativa)
  • 2- Gram
  • 2ML

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Galaxy Treats

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