Dinner Lady Salt Series (30mL)

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Flavor/Nicotine Level 30mg 50mg
Apple Sours
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Berry Blast
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230 in stock
Blackberry Crumble
2 in stock
73 in stock
Bubble Trouble
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44 in stock
Cola Shades
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42 in stock
Heisen Lady
14 in stock
28 in stock
Lemon Sherbets
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Lemon Tart

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Purple Rain
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Strawberry Ice
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Strawberry Macaroon

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Sweet Fusion

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Watermelon Slices
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Dinner Lady is headquartered in United Kingdom, focused on providing an extensive range of the finest premium quality e-liquids through intensive market research of consumers on vaping products. Renowned for the iconic Lemon Tart flavor profile, Dinner Lady E-Liquid have been making exception flavor profiles, introducing new lines such as Summer Holidays, and Dinner Lady Salt.

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Dinner Lady Series (60mL)

Lemon Tart – Lemon | Meringue | Pastry
Blackberry Crumble – Blackberries | Buttery Crumble Bits
• Cola Shades – Cola | Lemon

Bottle Size – 30mL Glass Dropper Bottle
Available Nicotine – 30mg | 50mg
VG/PG Ratio – 50VG/50PG



Dinner Lady

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