Candy King on Ice Salt Series (30mL)

Flavor/Nicotine Level 35mg 50mg
Batch ICED ---- ----
Belts ICED ---- ----
Dweebz ICED ---- ----
Hard Apple ICED ---- ----
Lemon Drops ICED ---- ----
Peachy Rings ICED ---- ----
Pink Squares ICED ---- ----
Strawberry Rolls Ice ---- ----
SW Bubblegum ICED ---- ----
Swedish ICED ---- ----
Worms ICED ---- ----
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Candy King Series eJuice from dripMORE is a Southern California brand that presents a series of classic candy treats in e-liquid form. Recently, the Candy King Salt was introduced and have been taken the market by storm! You cannot miss out on the flavors of Strawberry Belts, Batch and Sour Worms! Make sure to get the full collection!

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Batch ICED – Sour Patch Kids
• Belts Strawberry ICED Strawberry Sourbelt Candy | Menthol
• Berry Dweebz ICED – Sweet Tart | Berry | Menthol
• Lemon Drops ICED – Lemon Heads Candy | Menthol
• Peachy Rings ICED Peach Rings Candy | Menthol
• Pink Squares ICED Starburst | Pink Squares Candy | Menthol
• Swedish ICED Swedish Fish Candy | Menthol
• Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum ICED – Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum | Menthol
• Sour Worms ICED Sour Gummy Worms | Menthol
Hard Apple ICED – Apple Candy | Menthol
• Strawberry Rolls ICED – Strawberry Roll | Menthol (NEW)

Bottle Size – 30mL Unicorn Bottle
Available Nicotine – 35mg | 50mg
VG/PG Ratio – 50VG/50PG



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